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BARKHILL DENTAL CLINIC Offers Gum Treatment in Bradford

We have gum treatment specialists in Bradford who can help you. Our team of experts will carefully evaluate your teeth and recommend a course of treatment based on your personal records and past history. Just give us a call on 01274 940446 in Bradford to schedule an appointment and get started. We are also available for emergency appointments. Rely on us if you are looking for gum treatment. The sooner your teeth and gums are checked, the healthier you will be.

Gum Treatment by BARKHILL DENTAL CLINIC in Bradford and Why It Is Needed

Gum disease is surprisingly common amongst adults in the UK in places like Bradford. Gums that are swollen and bleed easily are in the earliest stage of the disease. If untreated, gum disease can lead to the loss of your teeth. Millions of bacteria can be found in your mouth. Even though a lot of bacteria are relatively harmless, some of them do attack the teeth and gums. Our dentists are trained to spot and treat gum disease.

The Source of Gum Disease in Bradford

The colourless, sticky film called plaque is home to harmful bacteria that can cause gum disease. If not removed, plaque builds up on the teeth and ultimately irritates the gums and causes bleeding. Left untouched, the bone and connective tissue would be the next to be destroyed. As a result, teeth may become loose and even need to be removed. Not enough people know about the consequences of gum disease, its symptoms, or treatment. If you want to keep your teeth, you must take care of your gums in Bradford. Visit our dentists and find out about gum treatment today.

In Bradford, the Definition of Gum Disease

When the area around the tooth, also known as the periodontal area, becomes threatened by harmful bacteria and destroys the tissue surrounding teeth, it is known as gum disease. Plaque is just the beginning of gum disease. An excessive build up of plaque can result in it hardening into a substance known as tartar. Tartar is bound tightly to teeth, so it can only be removed through professional cleaning. Of the gum disease most commonly seen in Bradford, inflammation and infection of the gums are the two initial stages. Our dentists are happy to assist you if you would like to know more about gum disease and gum treatment.

Gum Treatment in Bradford

The infection should first be controlled and then the disease stopped from progressing. In Bradford, treatment should start at home in the form of proper brushing and flossing. Both surgical and non-surgical therapies are treatment options. For less serious cases, non-surgical therapies control the growth of harmful bacteria, and in advanced cases surgery will restore supportive tissues. To temporarily eliminate or reduce the harmful bacteria associated with periodontal disease, antibiotics may be prescribed either on their own or along with surgery and other therapies. Some other forms of treatment may be available, and the use of special anti-germ mouth rinse may also be recommended. Trust BARKHILL DENTAL CLINIC in Bradford for gum treatment. Our dentists look forward to helping you.

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